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Michelle's life work is one of transformation. While personally continuing to practice and learn life skills, based on the energetic connection of humans, she shares her knowledge to aid
others in their own transformation process to reach self-love and realization of their full

Michelle's journey as a healer began in childhood when she was still unaware of her gifts of intuition and empathy. "I just thought everyone could see and feel into others. I would often express to classmates and adults my knowledge of how they were feeling; I wanted to comfort
them. They did not understand how I knew, and I did not understand either- it came naturally for me."
Deep inside, Michelle knew she had a path and purpose which would not truly be revealed until her late

As a young adult, she immersed herself in Theater Arts and other unconventional studies as she was drawn towards more intuitive activities to feed her soul's desire to cultivate her inner intuitive nature. As with many healers, life pushed her towards her purpose through self-healing from her personal struggles, illnesses, and hardships.

Michelle's purpose began to reveal itself more fully when she was introduced to world-renowned yoga master, Yogi Amrit Desai, 16 years ago. His meditation in motion practice is a
third generation lineage tradition, based in the teachings of creating unity between our animal-body,
human mind, and Divine energy, so we may choose a better response and break preprogrammed reactive patterns. It was during an intensive teacher training with Amrit Desai that Michelle experienced a life-changing spiritual awakening, and began to understand and pursue her purpose as a healer.

Today, she is a 500-hour certified yoga teacher and continues to study the Amrit method with Yogi Desai. Within a few months of being introduced to yoga, Michelle traveled to Northern California to study massage therapy, energy healing, and other hands-on healing modalities under Dr. Thomas Ahern, a board-certified physician, registered acupuncturist, and gifted healer. She has received more than 600 hours of bodywork training under his guidance. Submerged in these energetic practices, Michelle purposefully embarked on a lifelong journey of learning, growing, and evolving through training in many different energy systems such as Reiki, Shamanic healing modalities, Munay-ki rites, and many other forms of higher vibrational energy healing systems.

Through yoga and meditation, she developed a clear understanding of how our physical bodies house the temple of our spirit body. She began to connect diet, fasting and spiritual growth as

the next level of exploration. Attending spiritual fasts with Dr. Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, the
founder of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Arizona, she also became certified in Vegan Live Food Preparation. She attended both of his Conscious Eating and Live Food Mastery courses. This led her to introduce extended raw, green, 10-day to 30-day, juice fasts to her personal practice in order to clear the toxins from her physical body so she may flow more freely toward a higher conscious energy.

Continuing to evolve her intuitive bodywork, in 2009, Michelle studied The Collard Method of Bodywork, created by Patrick Collard. Patrick Collard was an international seminar leader, author of Success Without Sabotage. He was a gifted healer and body language expert. His system of healing focuses on body language and positive thought adjustments, to bring about healing on a deep level. The Collard Method is sought out by the United States government, CEOs, and Hollywood movie studios. Patrick's system teaches profound techniques that release
negative thoughts and emotional patterns trapped in the physical and energetic bodies. Alleviating these tensions in various structures of the bodies eliminates self-sabotage, creating a more fluid healing state of being.

Embracing her deep connection and continued Shamanic studies, Michelle attended workshops
with the Twin Shamans, Dona Ysabel and Dona Olinda, from Peru. She has attended seminars with Dr. Alberto Villodo director of The Four Winds Society. Michelle feels deeply blessed to have had amazing teachers and support in her life. She has been most blessed with an on-going relationship of healing, and mentoring with Doris Vargas, Grandmother Shaman, originating from Guatemala, holding the Mayan lineage traditions.

Michelle has surrendered to her calling as a channel for Divine energy healing and has
embraced her Shaman, Medicine Woman path, which life has initiated her in. She shares her gifts with others while evolving in her own authentic self to higher states of consciousness. She invites you to join her on her path to healing. When we heal ourselves, we heal the planet!

"I reached out to Michelle recently because I was feeling stuck in my life. I’ve been working on myself mentally, physically and spiritually; but no matter how much effort I put forth, my life was not progressing.

I have worked with Michelle in the past and well aware of her extraordinary gifts and was confident she could help me break through these energetic blocks. We booked a virtual session and in a one hour appointment she was able to get to the root of the issue, which was an early childhood injury that caused emotional trauma. Michelle is powerful and gentle at the same time. I feel like she is guided by her intuition and tapped into the spiritual and ancestral world. My time with her has been profound and life-changing.

After the session was over I felt significantly lighter, both energetically and physically. Since our session 3 weeks ago, I have seen a dramatic shift begin to materialize. I have seen changes in my finances as well as new opportunities presenting themselves. Money has been streaming in from multiple and new sources. Money is energy and working with Michelle to open these blocks has definitely started a positive shift.

I continue to connect with my inner self and do the work to keep this channel fluid and free-flowing. Michelle helped me connect deep within and begin the process of clearing energetic channels that have been closed throughout my life. She has helped initiate a wonderful shift of abundance and prosperity. Michelle’s gifts are truly divine."
Mitsi Dupre - Artist Newport RI 

"Michelle is a powerful and generous healer who uses her unique abilities to help others release compounded traumas and past suffering —  and pivot towards a path of light". 

"Before a session even begins, the work is already underway. Michelle has a knack for identifying and clearing our mental, emotional, and energetic roadblocks. This important work makes room for brighter, happier, and more peaceful beings. Clients will appreciate her empathy, kindness, and loving spirit as they embark on their own journey towards a more fulfilling and beautiful life".

"Her compassionate and brave approach to natural healing emerged from her own brave personal journey to self-discovery. Michelle generously offers her valuable gifts of shamanism, visionary power, and sharp intuition to bring out the light in all of us".

"She is a dedicated and treasured world-renowned healer and is highly recommended".
Julie Loffredi -Journalist

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